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Exquisite Luxury Handmade Silk Rug

When see these handmade silk rugs, many people praise that they are so beautiful,so wonderful,so splendid and so on.I think so.These exquisite luxury handmade silk rugs have eternal charm to intoxicate the viewers.

Some people think that the fate of these handmade rugs is ultimately controlled by the customers who purchase them. Whether they are placed in the study room, the piano room, the bedroom or the living room, it depends on the wishes of the home owner. What do you think?

I would like to ask: Why do customers choose these pure silk hand knotted rugs finally? Who made these handwoven rugs? If these pure silk hand woven rugs have never be made, who can really see them?

Without any doubt,it is skilled craftsmen and artists that hand knotted these unique silk rugs through long years of accumulation and continuous exploration and practice.

These breathtaking home decoration rugs from Yilong carpet can not only make household reductive again of the life colourful,but also show the host's tasts and characteristic.