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How to Make a Pure Silk Hand Woven Carpet

Hand woven carpets are made completely by hand, not machine,which should be dense in feel, rich in color and clear in design.Here are the tips for handmade silk carpet.

1. To Reel off raw silk from cocoons. Extracted from natural plant and mineral dyes, using the ancient dyeing to dye silk yarn.

2. Classify and sort out the different colors of silk yarn.

3. According to the required design, the designer start to make design drawing by hand, and mark the color number of silk yarn on the drawing.

4. Hanging warps according to different number of lines. Mark on the plotting scale in feet.

5. According to the design diagram, hand knot the silk yarn on the warp. Use the special knife to cut off the silk yarn, and the silk yarns become a pile. Front and rear warp will form a cross-pattern.

6. Then through a weft and using a special iron comb to pat the weft and make it more solid.

7. According to the design of carpet, the technicians trim the pile smoothly in the right position, depth and angle.

8. In order to clean up the pile of the backside of the carpet, the technicians to burn the backside of the rug or carpet .

9. The silk contains the protein, the burning ashes are black and globular, and the globular ashes is brittle and crisp, which smells like burning hair.

10. Make use of the old steam ironing technology to make the silk straight and flat.

11. Use the impact force of flowing water to clean silk carpet or silk rug clearly.

12. To dry the silk rug or silk carpet in ventilated place, no sunlight exposure.

13.Skilled workers will pull the end of the warp into a beautiful fringe.

14. And then repair and trim the fringe.

15.Finally, a fine pure silk hand woven carpet was born.