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Tips for Handwoven Silk Rug Cleaning

In the process of using handwoven silk carpets or silk rugs, it is inevitable that there are small stains. For these stains, we can try to do the silk rug cleaning at home. But pay attention to the following points:
1 Before handling the stains on the handwoven silk carpet or silk rug, use a vacuum cleaner to treat the carpet slightly. Be careful not to suck the fringing of the hand knotted silk rug. Even if professional rug cleaning, the first step is to dust.

2 Pure silk is protein fiber, not alkali-resistant. Remember to use neutral detergent to clean the stains. Carpet detergents can be purchased online, but not all carpet detergents are neutral. Be sure to check with your seller whether the detergents can clean silk carpets or silk rugs before buying.

3 Wipe the spot with a semi-dry, clean, lint-free towel. Towels can not be too wet,and the standard is not to squeeze out the water, but the towel itself can not be too much water, try to be a quick-drying towel.
4 After wiping the spot , prepare a completely dry towel and absorb the moisture or place the handwoven silk carpet in a cool, well-ventilated place after processing the stain to make the handwoven silk carpet surface dry as soon as possible.