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Why decorate our houses with hand knotted silk carpets?

We can create a refined and comfortable friendly atmosphere by decorating our houses with amazing hand knotted silk carpets.

Of course,decorating our houses with other carpets,such as Persian carpets,Turkish carpets,Chinese carpets and so on, can also make our houses more beautiful and graceful.However, it is particularly worth mentioning that adorning a house with a  hand knotted silk carpet can add unique flavor and incomparable beauty to the house ,as hand knotted silk carpets,or called Caucasian rugs , are classic and antique, unique and gorgeous.

Hand knotted silk carpets are famous for floral designs,geometric designs and tribal designs ,as well as emphasize rich and varied colors.

Over time, hand knotted silk carpets are popular with more and more people.More and more carpet manufacturers produce hand knotted silk carpets.Noticeably,among the plenty of carpet manufacturers,Yilong Carpets Silk Factory produce handwoven  hand knotted silk carpets with fine craft and reliable quality.Better yet,in order to satisfy the needs of our customer for coziness and practicality, Yilong Carpets Silk Factory can also customized carpets according to customer’s requirements.Yilong Carpets can also customized Caucasian carpets for customers from all over the world, especially for carpet dealers or shop owners from Middle East. We have old customers from Middle East, as their purchase orders are large ,it took our weavers months or even a year to complete the handmade Caucasian carpets.We' re very honored that we can obtains the customers of the recognition and praise.

Choosing and owning the remarkable hand knotted silk carpet or hand knotted silk rug, we can enjoy own own comfort and pleasure in our houses.