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Persian carpet

A Persian carpet or Persian rug also known as Iranian carpet, is a heavy textile made for a wide .. Fragments of woven carpets were found in the Alaeddin Mosque in the Turkish town of Konya and the E?refo?lu .. Silk pile is less resistant to mechanical stress, thus, all-silk piles are often used as wall hangings, or pillows.

Islam Islamic Mosque Mecca Kaaba Caaba Handmade Silk Carpet

Islam Islamic Mosque Mecca Kaaba Caaba Handmade Silk Carpet Persian Tapestry Wall Hanging for Muslim Prayer Rug, Find Details about Islamic Silk

Large Islamic Velvet Area Rug Carpet Wall Tapestry

: Large Islamic Velvet Area Rug Carpet Wall Tapestry Muslim Group Prayer Rug Medina Masjid Mosque : Everything Else.

7 Best Persian Prayer Rug ( Mihrab Design ) images in 2018 Carpet

4 Feb 2018- Soraya Kavir Mosque Carpet Manufacturer ( Masjid Carpet Supplier ) Persian Carpet, Persian Rug, Tapestry Design, Antique Pictures, Barbie Doll

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Multi Person Islamic Prayer Rugs – Modefa

Wide 3 Person Masjid Islamic Prayer Rug - Geometric Green. $ USD Wall Tapestry Multi Person Islamic Prayer Rug Medina Masjid Mosque. Regular

The History of Handmade Persian Rugs: LittlePersia

Persian carpets and rugs were initially woven as articles of necessity to cover the carpets of the Safavid period; dated 1539 come from the mosque of Ardabil.

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Most Aubusson carpets were flat-woven using the tapestry technique, which . of Safavid Dynasty, many mosques, palaces and other great monuments have