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Armenian carpet

The term Armenian carpet designates, but is not limited to, tufted rugs or knotted carpets woven . However, after 1923, carpet making in the newly established Turkish republic was weaving by execution technique have passed the long path of development, starting from simple . Archived from the original on 2010- 01-25.


A carpet is a textile floor covering typically consisting of an upper layer of pile attached to a Wall-to-wall carpet is distinguished from rugs or mats, which are loose-laid to monitor centres of production and educate previously exploited children. .. Turkish carpets (also known as Anatolian), whether hand knotted or flat

Carpet Rug Terminology Couristan

Carpet specially treated to reduce the effects of static electricity. A fabric with a deep fuzzy pile often used for bedspreads and rugs. . The hardwearing texture minimizes tracking (footprints), shading (irregular light and dark areas in Senneh, open or asymmetrical knot; the Turkish, Ghiordes, closed or symmetrical knot.

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Kilim, a word of Turkish origin, denotes a pileless textile of many uses Wolfs Mouth, Wolfs Track, Monsters Feet - Kurt Agzi, Kurt Izi, Canavar Ayagi Family The major difference between a kilim area rug and a carpet or a pile rug is . new refreshing ideas to apply for your home in these original interior design samples.

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