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YILONG 8'x10' Handknotted Wool

YILONG 8'x10' Handmade Kerman

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Handknotted Nepalese Carpet

Modern Nepalese Bespoke Rugs Contemporary Wool Silk Custom

Only the finest quality wool, silk, and natural fibers are used, therefore, allowing luxurious textures which are all hand knotted. French Accents Modern Nepalese

Handknotted Nepal Carpets of customised carpet design

Hand knotted Nepal Carpets. You know the master by his work. -Jean de La Fontaine- Carpet masterpieces from Nepal are obviously the work of virtuosos!

Nepal Hand Knotted Rugs eSaleRugs

One of a Kind. 6 5 x 9 10 Nepal Rug. Extra 50% Off. $3,573. $1,779. Show Similar Rugs. One of a Kind. 8 4 x 11 2 Nepal Rug. Extra 50% Off. $6,587. $3,289.

Wool Silk Rugs The Nepalese Collection Safavieh

Nepalese Collection of wool silk rugs by Safavieh are hand-knotted and styled in dazzling patterns with deep, moody colors.

Nepal Area Rugs Rugman

Machine made rugs never match the quality and nice feeling a hand-knotted rug can provide. Nepal and Tibet hand-knotted rugs are a natural response for the

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Huge selection of hand knotted Nepal rugs. Shop at Rugman and get free shipping on Nepali carpets!

Art III Orchid Wool and Silk Hand knotted Nepal Rug The Rug

Art III Orchid Wool and Silk Hand knotted Nepal Rug: The Rug Warehouse. Fine Hand-Knotted, Custom Carpet Area Rugs, and Wall-to-Wall Carpeting.

hand Knotted Rimo Designs Contemporary Rugs Carpets

Rimos Nepalese Hand knotted rugs, are made using a Tibetan knot. The rugs are produced in Kathmandu, Nepal. This is a brief history of rugs being made