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Nain Persian Rug

Nain rug

Nain rugs are constructed using the Persian knot and typically have between 300 and 700 knots per square inch. The pile is usually very high quality wool,

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This denomination is used to decide the quality of a Nain carpet and it refers to the number of layer of threads that have been used in every warp-thread at the

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All Nain rugs are knotted by hand using asymmetrical Persian knots and wool pile on a cotton warp. The rugs are then clipped closely so that the design stands

Nain Rugs Vintage Nain Persian Rugs Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Click here to view this great collection of finely woven vintage Persian Nain rugs and carpets from the Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in New York City.

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Fathollah Habibian (1903-1995) ran one of the most famous Nain workshops and is widely regarded as the father of Nain rugs. Producing fine carpets with his

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LOCATION. These Persian Oriental rugs are woven in and around the city of Nain in central Iran in Isfahan province. It is close to the western edge of the

Nain Rugs

Read about Nain rugs and see examples with pictures. Learn about the Nain rug in addition to other styles of Persian carpets using our guides.