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Persian carpet

A Persian carpet or Persian rug also known as Iranian carpet, is a heavy textile made for a wide High-quality carpets from Kashan, Qum, Nain, and Isfahan have all-silk piles. Silk pile carpets are often exceptionally fine, with a short pile and

8 Tips for Buying the Perfect Persian Carpet Culture Trip

Nov 27, 2017 Traditional Persian carpets are handwoven on a loom, so one of the most important features to look out for is the knot count. A quality rug will

Persian Carpet HighQuality Handmade Oriental Rugs Durham

The Persian Carpet of Durham, NC has an extensive collection of contemporary traditional oriental rugs carpets. Select the perfect rug for your home today!

Your 5Minute Guide for Checking Quality of Oriental Rugs

How to judge Oriental rug Quality, the quality of the wool plays a major role in influencing the overall quality of rug, Colors should be fast and true.

Tips for Buying Oriental Rugs Landry Arcari

How to choose a quality hand-woven rug for your home or business.

Persian Rug vs Oriental Rug: Everything You Should Know — RugKnots

Jul 3, 2019 What distinguishes a Persian rug vs an Oriental rug? Do you know if a Persian rug is good quality? Check out this guide.

The Oriental Rug Guide — Gentlemans Gazette

The two main materials used in authentic Oriental rugs are wool and silk. The wool rugs are not nearly as

Oriental Rug Quality Fine Rug Collection

Materials. The high-quality materials involved in an Oriental Rugs crafting is what defines its illustrious composition. The better the material, the better the rug.