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Persian carpet

A Persian carpet or Persian rug also known as Iranian carpet, is a heavy textile made for a wide Gabbeh rugs are the best-known type of carpet from this line of tradition. The art .. Representative Safavid carpets made of silk with inwoven gold and silver threads were . In most Persian rugs, the pile is of sheeps wool.

Oriental rug

An oriental rug is a heavy textile made for a wide variety of utilitarian and symbolic purposes .. In representative carpets, metal threads made of gold or silver are woven in. The pile In most oriental rugs, the pile is of sheeps wool. Silk pile can be used to highlight special elements of the design in Turkmen rugs, but more

Custom Rugs Hayko Fine Rugs and Tapestries

Custom Rugs. Quick Steps to Customization: All rugs in this section are hundred percent handcrafted in Nepal using highly resilient Himalayan sheep wool only

Custom The Rug Company

Although we stock a diverse range of designs and sizes, we understand that sometimes a more unique approach is required, and we welcome a challenge.

Stark Carpet

STARK Carpet is the premier trade industry partner for luxury residential and iconic designs, and providing the highest-quality carpet and rugs to the trade

Custom made wool silk carpets Carpets of Kashmir

Custom made wool silk carpets and rugs and custom designed wool silk blend rugs handmade hand knotted Call 91 - 98193 09474 for inquiry and placing

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Find a great collection of Rugs at Cost Enjoy low warehouse prices on name- brand Rugs products. Encore Hand Carved Area Rugs, Marant Neutrals.

Modern Nepalese Bespoke Rugs Contemporary Wool Silk Custom

Only the finest quality wool, silk, and natural fibers are used, therefore, years, based on our designers preference and style on what their ideal rug embodies,.